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CouponSeeker has helped millions of people save money when they shop online at their favorite stores. Now, we want to help you promote your online store, service or coupon code to our audience of millions of shoppers and hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
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How to submit coupon codes to

Submitting a coupon is easy. Simply send an email to Make sure you include these details:
Name of the store: E.g. John’s Shoe Shop
Store website URL: E.g.
Coupon code: E.g. GET20
Coupon code value( $ or % off value): E.g. 20% off
Coupon code description: E.g. For first orders only
Coupon expiry date: E.g. December 31, 2099

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How to submit your store to

If you are the owner of an online store, and you would like to have your store listed on CouponSeeker, send us an email to Include the details of at least one coupon code (details above), along with the following:
Name of your store: E.g. John’s Shoe Shop
Store website URL: E.g.
A short description of your store (10 – 30 words): E.g. “John’s Shoe Shop is the best bargain shoe shop online”
Three categories that your store belongs to: E.g. Shoes, Boots, Fashion
Facebook URL:
Twitter URL:
Instagram URL:

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